Velsao Beach

The Velsao Beach offers solace from the busy beaches of Goa, with its relaxing golden sands & clean beach. Bogmalo beach lying to its north and Majorda and Colva Beach lying to its south, Velsao Beach occupies a prime location. The beach is visited by almost all the tourists coming to any of these three beaches. Velsao Beach makes for a quiet place to get away from it all in the company of just a lifeguard, a scattering of tourists and a flock or two of milling sea birds. The beach road travels through thick coconut groves past dozens of old bungalows, whilst the coastal road around this stretch makes for a delicious countryside drive, fringed with lily pad studded lakes and paddy fields, and coconut groves stretching gently down to the sea.

Apart from the islands off Vasco, the other place worth a visit is the Chapel of Three Kings atop a hill at the nearby Village of Velsao (15 km). Apart from the serenity and the view, the sunset is really spectacular here.
The chapel is the site of the rare Feast of Three Kings, celebrated on 6 January (after the 12th night of Christmas) at Cansaulim with a pageantry procession of the three kings who traverse the village on horseback from the church on a hilltop. A fair is also held at the church grounds.
The Velsao beach also features tempting beachfront cafes, beach shacks and small restaurants offering exotic drinks and delicious local seafood and fish curries; superb spots to enjoy fabulous Velsao sunsets. See some stunning islands nearby.

Always Swim between Red and Yellow Flags, as this area is safe and constantly watched by the Lifeguards as undercurrents are even though it is considered safe.
Red Flags means No Swimming, which means this beach is closed and dangerous.
Do not mix alcohol/Drugs with Swimming, as 80% of drowning victims are between the age of 20 to 40 and have consumed alcohol or drugs.
If in troubled not panic. Just raise one arm and wait for the lifeguard to rescue you.
Never Swim after Sunset.
Never Swim Alone.
Keep your cell phone in your language or hand out another person before going in the water.
In the case of crimes, victims are advised to report to the nearest Police Station.

How to Reach:
You can either hire yourself some transport or use public transport, there are lots of choices available. For taxis, motorbike taxis and autorickshaws you can nearly always find some available near and it’s best to negotiate the price before you get in. The nearest Train station is Vasco Railway Station, but it depends on whether the train starts or ends here else Margao Railway Station will be nearest for you. To reach Velsao from Vasco-da-Gama or Margao, you can either take a local bus or taxi. If you planning to just have a ride then either take a Taxi, Cab or rent a Bike. So you can view the rest all nearest beaches and other attractions.

25 km from Panaji – 42mins
11 km from Dabolim Airport – 19mins
16.3 km from Margao Railway Station – 29mins
14.9 km from Vasco Railway Station – 23mins

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