Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is located within 2.5 kilometers of the market town of Chaudi in South Goa, and about 40 minutes from Margao, the district headquarters. Palolem beach is largely unspoiled and is inhabited by both local fishermen and by foreign tourists who live in shacks along the shore or in the main village itself. Both ends of the beach consist of rocks jutting out into the sea. The depth of the sea increases gradually, being shallow at the northern end of the beach, making it safe for average swimmers, and the currents are not fast.

At the top of the island adjoining Palolem beach, there is a stone sculpture created by an American conceptual and land artist Jacek Tylicki called “Give if you can – Take if you have to” also called the “Money stone”. It became a pilgrimage destination. At the low tide, it is a tough jungle walk and a guide is recommended. People can leave or take money at will at the Money stone.

Watch dolphins while eating breakfast, If you are lucky you can watch them from the beach but if not take a trip on a fishing boat, not expensive. At the far north of the beach is a small island that looks like a set from Jurassic Park and is well worth exploring over there. It is possible to walk at low tide but it is not a long swim. You can even get to the cabo-de-Rama fort to explore it.

Always Swim between Red and Yellow Flags, as this area is safe and constantly watched by the Lifeguards as undercurrents are even though it is considered safe.
Red Flags means No Swimming, which means this beach is closed and dangerous.
Do not mix alcohol/Drugs with Swimming, as 80% of drowning victims are between the age of 20 to 40 and have consumed alcohol or drugs.
If in troubled do not panic. Just raise one arm and wait for the lifeguard to rescue you.
Never Swim after Sunset.
Never Swim Alone.
Keep your cell phone in your language or hand out other people before going in the water.
In the case of crimes, victims are advised to report to the nearest Police Station.

How to Reach:
You can either hire yourself some transport or use public transport, there are lots of choices available. For taxis, motorbike taxis and autorickshaws you can nearly always find some available near and it’s best to negotiate the price before you get in. The nearest Train station is Canacona Railway station, although main train services stop at Margao station, only local trains sometime’s stop by Canacona station. So the Margao Railway Station will be better. To reach Palolem from Margao, you can either take a local bus or taxi. If you planning to just have a ride then either take a Taxi, Cab or rent a Bike. So you can view the rest all nearest beaches and other attractions.

71.7 km from Panaji – 1hr 40mins
60.5 km from Dabolim Airport – 1hr 22mins
35.5 km from Margao Railway Station – 45mins
2.1 km from Canacona Railway Station – 5mins

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