Shigmotsav 2014, Ponda

Shigmo Festival is just around the corner and the whole state of Goa is already feeling euphoric in anticipation. Shigmo parade is a street festival where vibrant colors and overwhelming celebrations lift the spirits of the entire state.

It’s an experience you cannot afford to miss. This religious Hindu festival is filled with colours, music, dance and floats.In true meaning, it depicts the life of a Goan in elaborate folk perfomances by local men and women who dance tirelessly in huge processions along with the parade. The festival this year is going to kick start from 16th March, 2014.


Traditionally it was celebrated as spring’s biggest festival which honoured the homecoming of the warriors who had left their homes and families at the end of Dusshera to fight the invaders. Traditional folk dances and enactment of mythological scenes is the major highlight of this parade.  Shigmotsav as they call it, is similar to Holi but its celebrated for 14 days in Goa. It is also a farewell to the winters.

Shigmotsav 7

The parade begins with a bang when the people of Goa dress up in colourful outfits, holding multi coloured flags and playing large musical instruments like theDhol Tasha and flutes in processions across the cities. The mesmerizing larger-than-life celebration brings fantasy and folk to form a fusion in the floats that parade through the streets.


Traditional folk dances like Ghode Modni and Fugdi are performed on streets in massive troupes along the procession, showcasing the tradition of Goa. The shimmering floats with extensive lighting and sound effects move along with the parade gripping the attention of a huge crowd that aligns the streets of Goa.


This festival of colour and mythology gives way for the masses to come together and bring in the most colourful season, Spring. The streets of Goa during Shigmotsav are lit up with attractive décor, lively parades, delicious Goan delicacies, music and dance performances. This revelry, celebration and merriment is not something to miss out on.


Golden Goa has made this year Live Brodcasting of Shigmotsav 2014 straight from Ponda on Youtube, below is the video footage of Shigmotsav 2014.

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