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Keri (Querim) Beach, Pernem

Keri Beach is also called as Querim Beach. It is situated to the North of Arambol Beach and South of the Tirekhol River. It is very nice, silent and cool spot to have an out of worldly feeling and make a fun-packed day out with friends and family. The beach usually offers the quite ambience for the vacationers. Also, there are numerous options to indulge in merriments and scores of aqua games. There are plentyy f trees nearby to take a rest or sit and relax back if you are having trouble with hot sun. Its just a good place for picnic. It is Famous for Sweet water lagoon.
Attractions: Cool Silent beach with less crowd. Across the riverbank you can see the ancient famous Portuguese fort known as the Terekhol Fort. There is also a ferry service available that takes you to Terekol every 30 min, except at low tide. From the Terekol fort the Keri beach has an exotic view.

Activities: Strong winds during the main season make it a significant location for leisure sports, like Paragliding and Kite Surfing. A variety of practitioners in the healing arts offer courses in Yoga, meditation. There are many huts nearby there to acommodate yourself and do various activities out there..

Safety: Always Swim between Red and Yellow Flags, as this area is safe and constantly watched by the Lifeguards.
Red Flags means No Swimming, which means this beach is closed and dangerous.
Don not mix alcohol/Drugs with Swimming, as 80% of drowning Victims are between the age of 20 to 40 and have consumed alchol or drugs.
If in trouble d not panic. Just raise one arm and wait for lifeguard to rescue you.
Never Swim after Sunset.
Never Swim Alone.

Dangers and Annoyances:
• Beaches are quite safe in daytime, with only a few incidences of crimes reported. Hawkers frequent the beach, like in any other Goa tourist destination. Male “ear cleaners” dupe tourists by offering their services, sometimes even causing nasty ear infections afterwards.
• Like in any other major tourist destination, incidences of thefts, break-ins may happen in crowd.
• Women are certainly discouraged to walk alone at night on the beaches, Hill and remote, unlit areas.
• Keep your cell phone in your laguage or hand out other person before going in water.
• In case of crimes, victims are advised to report to the nearest Police Station.

How to Reach: You can reach there either by Taxi, Bus or Autorickshaw. Its better to take a cab if you are coming from Airport. If you planning to just have a ride then either tke Taxi,Cab or rent a Bike. So you can view rest all nearest beaches and other attractions. The nearest Train station is Pernem or Tivim near Mapusa and the nearest Kadamba bus stand is in central Pernem. To reach Keri from Mapusa or Pernem you can continue by local bus or taxi.

43 km from Panaji – 1hr 15mins
66 km from Dabolim Airport – 1hr 35mins
76 km from Margao Railway Station- 1hr 58mins
39.1 km from Thivim Railway Station – 1hr 2mins

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