Potekar Festival at Diwar Goa


Potekar festival is celebrated at Diwar island in Goa. It is celebrated for three days before the start of Lent/ Ash Wednesday, just during the Carnival. Where local, youths wear homemade masks, costumes, Cow bells; venturing around the village, receiving/demanding snacks & drinks from locals, and they have license to frighten the village children!


When you hear the sound of Cow bell, you come to know that Potekar is nearby and entering the village. Childrens use to run away as soon they use hear this sound.


potekar-festival-diwar-island-goa-3During this festival there is no program as such but after this three days of Potekar festival a Mass is conducted in church.



The main fun in this Potekar festival is to wear homemade masks, costumes, Cow bells and to frighten the village children and receive/demand snacks & drinks from locals.

Viva Potekar……

Images: Akshay Haldankar

Credit: Viraj Lotlikar


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