Poderachem Fest- A Day for all Goan Bakers

At the Monteiro Bakery in St Inez
Pic: Patrick De Sousa


PODERANCHEM FEST Is on 6th October 2015 at 4.00PM.

In most places, people wake up to the early morning chirrup of birds or beep of an alarm clock. But in Goa, it is the leisurely tootle of the poder’s (baker) honk that awakens many to receive the day’s supply of freshly-baked bread.

Eaten along with chicken cafreal, patal bhaji, nusteachi koddi, or even devoured after being buttered and dipped in plain tea, bread in Goa persists as a hallmark of the state’s cuisine. Favoured by tradition and innovation, Goa is perhaps the only state in India to produce various kinds of breads, complete with quirky nomenclature. Celebrating this staple food item and the people behind the craft of bread-baking, ‘Bakers of Goa’ – a Socorro-based socio-art and cultural association – is gearing up to host the ‘poderachem fest’ (bakers’ feast) in their village on Friday, October 2.

At the Monteiro Bakery in St Inez

The event, which will incorporate a parade and exhibition among other attractions, will be preceded by a mass at 4pm at the Socorro church.
“Bread is the Portuguese imperialists’ contribution to India,” said festival organizer Marius Fernandes, as it existed much before the British arrived in the country and introduced white bread. “Its influence has spread beyond the borders of Goa so much so that pao has become an Indian word and has been incorporated in food items such as pav bhaji, vada pav, missal pav etc,” he added.
Through the festival, which will be attended by bakers from across the state, the group intends to highlight health and safety issues faced by those involved in the trade.
“Without poder, Goa will never be the same. They are heroes in their own right. We need to stop taking them for granted and bring their significant contribution to the attention of both, the people and the government,” said Socorro parish priest Fr Santana Carvalho. The festival will see stalls set up by different groups from Socorro’s seven wards at which local delicacies like choris pao, omlette pao and cutlet pao will be sold. Other popular snacks like pav bhaji and vada pav will also be served at minimal rates.
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The cynosure of the event will be an exhibition of the various types of bread produced in Goa; traditional as well as new forms developed on account of tourism influences. The all Goa bakers’ association, led by its president Agapito Menezes, is also scheduled to participate.


This year due to heavy rain the feast got postponed and scheduled to celebrate on 6th October at 4.00PM at Socorro Church ground.


Source Article: TOI

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