Nagesh Jatra, Nageshi Bandora

Shri Nagesh Devasthan is located at Nageshi bandora, in Ponda Taluka. Nageshi Jatra is celebrated just after Diwali. Thousands of devotees take part in this festival at Shri Nagesh Devasthan.

The devotees visit the temples every year and participate in the jatra with great enthusiasm and religious fervour. The women-folk and newly-married couples light the Divaj and seek blessings from the almighty by offering Aarat of divaj. Many sweets stalls and other stalls are put up in the vicinity of the temples.

The Nageshi jatra is started at the morning about 4:00 am when the “TOKO” bhaar is gone from Purvacharya temple at muxer. Soon after this Divaja is started. Below are the pictures of Nageshi Jatra.

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