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Mardangad, Maratha Fort in Ponda

The Ponda Kott (Ponda Fort) was badly destroyed by Portuguese in 1683. Due to this destruction, on 6th December 1683, Sambhaji Maharaj ordered its Maratha Army to start the construction of a Fort on the highest hillock of Ponda and named it “Mardangad”. This fort served as a watchtower for the Maratha’s. It is said that a lot of laterite and other stones were carried from Ponda Fort to built Mardangad.

On our recent visit to Mardangad Fort, Abhit Shirodkar from Aparant Asmita showed us the Fort Bastion, the killedar house rampart, the fort well which is in ruins, the flag bastion where the Maratha installed their Bhagwa Flag, underground escape tunnel, Virgall (Hero stone), Holy Pond etc.

Today the rich precious historical Mardangad have been lying in ruins. The Archives and Archaeology should take time to visit these historical masterpieces and give urgent attention to notify and restore them.

Know more about the Mardangad in this Video:

Mardangad Fort, Ponda Goa

Mardangad Fort, Maratha Fort in Ponda Goa

Geplaatst door Golden Goa op Woensdag 29 april 2020


Thanks to Abhit Shirodkar, Aparant Asmita for arranging the trip.
Also Thanks to ShankhNaad Goa, for content.

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