Majorda Beach


Majorda beach is situated in Salcete jus few kilometers from Margao city, a beautiful beach that has a lot of palm groves. It’s soft white sands and gorgeous greens will not fail to sweep you off your feet. The history of Majorda is noteworthy for its bakery and toddy, here Jesuits discovered the best toddy of Goa who used it to leaven the bread. Even today the people of Majorda are known to be the best bakers of Goa as they were the first to know the art of baking European breads.

The Majorda beach offers plenteous opportunities to indulge oneself in various sports activities. Wind surfing is first option for the adventure lovers. Surfing on the sparkling waters is simply enchanting. Diving is another option to explore the marine life. Parasailing can be total fun. And those who wish to go swimming into the mesmerizing waters need to look no further. For those who want to feel the soft sands beneath their feet, enjoying the rustle of waves at the same time, is beach volley ball. Or one can also enjoy making sand castles which is no less fun.

Always Swim between Red and Yellow Flags, as this area is safe and constantly watched by the Lifeguards as undercurrents is even though it is considered safe.
Red Flags means No Swimming, which means this beach is closed and dangerous.
Don not mix alcohol/Drugs with Swimming, as 80% of drowning Victims are between the age of 20 to 40 and have consumed alchol or drugs.
If in trouble d not panic. Just raise one arm and wait for lifeguard to rescue you.
Never Swim after Sunset.
Never Swim Alone.
Keep your cell phone in your laguage or hand out other person before going in water.
In case of crimes, victims are advised to report to the nearest Police Station.

How to Reach:
You can either hire yourself some transport or use the public transport, theres lots of choices available. For taxis, motorbike taxis and autorickshaws you can nearly always find some available near and it’s best to negotiate the price before you get in. The nearest Train station is Margao Railway Station. To reach Majorda from from Margao, you can either take local bus or taxi. If you planning to just have a ride then either take Taxi, Cab or rent a Bike. So you can view rest all nearest beaches and other attractions.

32.2 km from Panaji – 55mins
16.9 km from Dabolim Airport – 28mins
10.9 km from Margao Railway Station – 21mins


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