How to wear Pheta/ Fetha / Fetho?

Pheta (Marathi and Konkani: फेटा) is the Marathi name for the traditional turban worn in Maharashtra, and also in Goa. In ceremonies such as weddings, festive and cultural and religious celebrations as well it is common to wear Pheta. In many parts, it is customary to offer male dignitaries a traditional welcome by offering a Pheta to wear. A traditional Pheta is usually long cloth typically 3.5 to 6 meters long and 1 meter wide. The choice of color may indicate the occasion for which it is being worn and also may be typical to the place it is being worn. Typical colors include Saffron (to indicate valour) and White (to indicate peace). In the past, wearing a Pheta was considered a mandatory part of clothing.

In Goa, you can either see people wearing it for Shigmotsav, Religious celebrations, Festivals, and Weddings.

Watch the video below to learn how to put Fetha/Pheta.

Pejechem Fest or Siridao Feast

Bamanbudo Waterfall, Gaodongrem Canacona