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Hivrem Waterfall, Valpoi Sattari

Hivrem is a village located 75 kms from Panaji in Sattari Taluka. From Hivrem one can see the Sahyadris mountains whose peak just blend into the sky, while its feet appear to float on a sea of green fields. And somewhere in between this, a patch of white catches the eye – the distant Hivrem waterfall.
Yes one can go right up into its cascades but only after a brisk walk of about 45 minutes, including some tough climbing. After panting and puffing, the Hivrem waterfall finally stands right before your eyes ! Its cooling cascades make one gasp with pleasure as the pains of the strenuous workout just get washed away in the crystal watersHivrem is a picturesque part of Goa that is little known and less explored. Hivrem is a village that plays hard to get – it is situated 15 kms from Valpoi. 
The Hivrem- Valpoi trek is a moderately difficult trek with a steep uphill climb making it very satisfying for the avid trekker. There are three waterfalls near each other and a more experienced trekker can cover all three in a day. Trekkers need to cross several pretty rivulets before taking in the breathtaking view from the top of the hill. The gushing waterfall emerging from under dense vegetation makes for a truly majestic sight.
The trek is about 7- 8 km through dense tropical vegetation. You may come across the Indian giant squirrel or catch a glimpse of deer or the wild Indian Gaur. Birdwatchers can feast their eyes on the famous Malabar Grey Hornbill and a variety of rare species also present here. Tiger sightings are possible, although extremely rare, you never know what you may encounter in the wild!

55.3 km from Panaji – 1hrs 15mins
69.1 km from Dabolim Airport – 1hr 36mins
57.9 km from Margao Railway Station – 1hr 25mins
43.2 km from Thivim Railway Station – 1hr

Its located in Valpoi just 10 km ahead near the village called Thane.

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