Gajantlaxmi Temple ruins and Water Tank, Curti Ponda

In early years it is said that there was Gajantlaxmi Temple situated in Curti, Ponda Goa. There is water tank next to it and which can be seen today too. The temple was destroyed that time but the ruined idol of goddess Gajantlaxmi is still be seen there.




Water tank is still present at the site which is left uncleaned and unused and polluted but some people uses water of it tosprinkle plants. Due to privatization no one bothered of it. We went at the site after gathering some information from Goa’s adventure group “Aparant Asmita”, who helped us in providing useful information. They even said that if we cleaned the water tank there is chances of getting many idols and ruins of temple which is laid down the water tank.








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