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EP: 3 – Mardangad, Maratha Fort in Ponda, Goa

Golden Goa Explorer Series : Episode 3 
During Ponda Kott(Fort) battle the fort was badly destroyed, So on 6th December 1683, Sambhaji Maharaj ordered the Maratha Army to start construction of a Fort on the highest hillock of Ponda and named it “Mardangad”. This fort served as a watch tower for the Maratha’s.

Watch the Video to know more and see the current situation of Mardangad which is located in heart of city Ponda, Goa.

Thanks to Abhit Shirodkar of Aparant Ashmita for the trip to Mardangad. Also Thanks to ShankhNaad Goa Team and for information on Mardangad.


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