Golden Goa

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The First Kadamba Bus

Kadamba Transport Corporation is a Government of Goa road transport undertaking. It was set up in 1980 by then Chief Minister Pratapsing Rane. Goa has long dependent on privatised bus-transport, and the blue-and-red-and-white Kadamba...

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How to wear Pheta/ Fetha / Fetho?

Pheta (Marathi and Konkani: फेटा) is the Marathi name for the traditional turban worn in Maharashtra, and also in Goa. In ceremonies such as weddings, festive and cultural and religious celebrations as well it...

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Pejechem Fest or Siridao Feast

Siridao is a small suburb surronded by Curca and Bambolim villages seperated by the River Zuari. This village is surrounded by the coconut trees. People also visit this place to spend some time on...

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Shri Gajantlaxmi Jatra at Volvoi

This year’s Shri Gajantlaxmi Jatra was celebrated with great joy. It was celebrated on 11th December 2015. On this day total 12 jatra/fair celebrated whole over Goa. It is proceeded by a Palki at...

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