Shiv Ling and Water Tank at Undir, Bandora

In Goa, there are lots of places where one will find mysterious ancient idols or caves or broken temples. Many are still hidden from us as its knowledge is within the village locals, whereas some we know and some are already listed by the Directorate of Archives and Archaeology. I myself born and brought up in Undir, a small village in Bandora which is located in Ponda taluka. Being staying in the village for the past many years I never knew or heard about this place but when I heard about this place I was very excited to visit it. I just decided the go there and told my dad, uncle, to take me there along with my other three friends. It was something surprising to see over here, a small Shiv Lingum on a rock-cut laterite stone.



This ancient shiv ling lies in a cool peaceful place in “Kulagor” at Undir, near the Ram Temple. The Shiv Ling is on a rock-cut laterite stone. If you see the picture below you can easily judge that the work was left incomplete.



Locals say that the Pandavas had stayed for a night in this place and they had built this small temple kind structure and water tank (500mtrs away from here) till the dawn of the next day and then they left this place leaving work incomplete. You can see the rock-cut laterite stones lying there.



A Shiv Ling exists on the rock-cut laterite stone. Village locals worships it and do Puja every Monday and Thursday. They also celebrate Mahashivratri here, a village local lady said. Snake sighting is very common she added and is usually seen by them.



Besides this she said that the Pandavas also built a Water Tank which is just 500mtr away from this place, you need to climb a little hill. The place is very cool and it’s covered by huge laterite stones. The entrance is narrow but one can go move in inside easily.



We visited this place during Summer and the Water tank had got dry. We found some water, local says that this water tank gets full in Rainy and partially in Winter.  This water is also supplied to the “Kulaghor”, spice farm.



Though the tank is somewhat surrounded by roots of huge trees its wall is not clear but you can see the incomplete water tank and its structure clearly. The water Tank has a Cave, entry is somewhat covered by mud



Our ancestors were so great, they did many advance things even after there was no technology, there are lots of such examples in India. We have forgotten our roots so we have lack of such information.  One can visit this place with the help of local from village. This place is not for tourist but one can visit. Do connect with me, if you plan to visit (

This place is 7km away from Ponda city in Bandora, a village called Undir. The nearest landmark is Shri Ram Temple at Undir.

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