Shigmotsav Chaturdas Celebration at Mardol


Shigmotsav Chaturdas celebrated with great pomp at Mardol, Goa. Large crowd was witnessed with the colorful parade of romtamel groups. Many people across from Mardol village has joined to see the Chaturdas. Villagers gather and also participates in this Chaturdas. Romtamel groups from villages like Kunkolim, Mangeshi, Mardol, Madkai, Marcel, Savoiverem, Priol etc was seen.

Many Childrens were also seen participating in this festival by wearing costumes and fancy dresses. During Chaturdas, Romtamel Groups comes from various villages and joins in Mardol to visit Shree Mahalasa Temple. They take a round to the temple and then offers flowers and coconut to the deity and perform “Naman”. A must visit festival happens in Mardol during Shigmotsav Chaturdas.


Watch the Full Video below :


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