Rivona Spring, Rivona

Rivona is a small Village located in the Sanguem taluka at about 2 km from the main road of Zambaulim. The village that has an unknown history is known for its refreshing springs and lush beauty. Rivona became the domicile of the Rishis and proof of this can be found in the nearby caves at Rivona. This cave is known as Pandava canves or Rivona Caves.

How to Reach:
From Panjim, one can take a cab, auto or bus and move from Margao and then Quepem and from Tilamol you can go to the Rivona Spring. From Margao its just 27 km to the Rivona Spring. The nearest Railway station is Margao Railway station. To reach Rivona Spring from Margao, you can either take local bus or taxi.

60.8 km from Panaji via Quepem to Tilamol – 1hr 30mins
49.8 km from Dabolim Airport via Quepem to Tilamol – 1hr 13mins
23.7 km from Margao Railway Station via Quepem to Tilamol – 39mins

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