Narshiv Temple Spring, Veling Mardol

The freshwater spring is located near Shree Narshiv Temple, amidst beautiful forested surroundings and is very peaceful and cool. The temple tank is fed by this fresh water spring. The best part is that the journey through the forested road to this spring is as amazingly refreshing as the spring itself. Locals also says that the fresh water spring has medicinal values. Locals uses this water to drink. You can drink water from this spring but bathing is strictly prohibited here. Besides this you can also visit temple of Shree Laxmi Narshiv. This place is nicely well maintained. Its not a tourist spot but there is a lot more to see and explore the veling village.  Also you can visit nearby Vetaleshwar Temple and Shree Shantadurga Temple at Gauthan Veling.

How to Reach:
You can reach Narshiv Temple Spring by hiring a car, bike. Its just 22 km away from Panaji. Public Transport i well connected. If you are planning to come by local bus (Panaji to Ponda route) then you might leave the bus at Mardol. Then you can hire an auto rickshaw, motor pilot or taxi. Once you reached Mardol, its just 2km away. You can even walk and go there.

24.6 km from Panaji – 35mins
35.1 km from Dabolim Airport via Ponda – 45mins
18 km from Dabolim Airport via Cortalim to Madkai Ferry to Mangueshi – 17mins + 30mins on ferry
24.2 km from Margao Railway Station via Ponda – 35mins

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