Goans celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi in Kuwait


This is how Goans celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in Kuwait. They celebrate it every year, and it is either 1 and half days or 5 days. Together with all goan colleagues and known who works abroad celebrates it. They also prepare Matoli and prepares spicy, sweet dishes too ,same like how we prepare here for the festival.

Below are some pictures sent to us by Bhalchan Mandrekar.








In 2010, 2011 they did celebrated but in 2012, 2013 some of their friends left kuwait so they were not able to celebrate but last year they all reunited and started ,with the help of few friends thy celebrated but this year in 2014 they got support from lots of their friends so they made it big.

2 weeks before they started out preparations like cleaning and all made MATOLI ,decorations, lightening and everything was set up a week before. 2 days before they did shopping for chaturthi. All things required like  tulsi leaves, banana leaves, mango leaves, haryalii everting they got here in Kuwait including  flowers. They bought everything a day before ganesh himself with his friends says Bhalchan Mandrekar. Even his friends was awake for the whole night and they started cooking at 11 pm till 9 am morning which includes all types of food, which were prepared by his friends which belongs to mapusa siolim bicholim vasco marago from all places Bhalchan added. Yuvraj khanolkar prepared most of the  delicious tasty goan food which  recalled them Ganesh Chaturthi they use to celebrate with their family in Goa.

  Beside Hindu even goan Christians brothers also helped them a lot in this event from decorations till ganesh visarjan. They all were with us gave us full support and help says Bhalchan. More than 300 people had came for ganesh darshan and on second day almost same no. of people came over here . They performed Aartis on both days on 1st n 2nd day. With the help of all our frnds this Ganesh festival was a big success Bhalchan added and their video of Ganesh celebration had also been telecast on goa news 365 on 30 and 31 aug 2014.

Bhalchan even said that in Kuwait all are working and holidays are limited so its not possible for them to keep ganesh for 5 days so every year they keep it for 1 and half days.


















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