Gain financial flexibility with car subscription with no compromises on your travelling ways

Down payments in lakhs, rising car prices, and the looming shadow of maintenance –acquiring a car nowadays is becoming too big a commitment for the aspiring city dweller who does not want to compromise on lifestyle. A trend is seen across the world, the shared economy philosophy is starting to change things however and now you can enjoy driving a car without having to go too deep into your pockets. Now in India, the Zoomcar Associate Program or ZAP car subscription service is giving thousands of people the privileges of car ownership at a flat monthly fee. Read on to find out.

A Financial Relief

Imagine a scenario where instead of pouring a couple of lakhs down for a down payment you can hold on to that money and invest it in something more constructive. That is the main draw of a car subscription service like ZAP. You do not have to make a gigantic deposit just to get hold of the car keys. It can mean the difference between a more secure financial future and one where you are battling bills every month. This is why smart commuters enjoy the subscription option – simply because of the financial flexibility it indirectly offers in other aspects of life.


A World of Variety

Cozy hatchbacks, splendorous sedans, sophisticated luxury cars, and rugged SUVs – these are the choices that one can see on the typical Indian road. But have you ever thought you can have them all? With short subscription tenures, ZAP gives car enthusiasts the chance to change their rides every six months.

The cars can be subscribed for longer too – a year, two years. These multiple tenure options are also great for those who are temporarily based in a city. They can have a convenient ride all the time and then let it go easily when the time comes to leave town.


Amazing Perks of ZAP

ZAP is a subscription model that delivers on the savings and convenience fronts. Apart from not having to shell out a down payment, subscribers also do not need to spend on maintenance. How does that work? Those who need to get the car serviced just need to send a notification via the ZAP app and an expert team will come to pick it up, give it the due servicing, and return it in a quick time.

Subscribers also do not have to spend on insurance costs. There is even a way to make some money when the car is not in use. You can list the car on the Zoomcar network so it gets rented by others and you get paid for it. Some car subscribers have saved up to 70% of their monthly fee by using this nifty feature.

This new customer-focused take on the traditional car lease is making life much easier for people across cities in India. Now the comfortable daily office commute does not have to come at a large price and the fun road trips can be a reality. Enjoy all the positives that car subscription brings with it. Gain freedom of mobility and keep the finances healthy at the same time.

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