Boca de Vaca Spring, Panjim

Boca De Vaca Spring is one of the amazing and beautiful location that are most visited by the tourist .In Goa there is two springs that is called Boca De Vaca. It is a perennial Spring that has the some medicinal properties. So that many tourist as well as locals came here to visit this spring. In Portuguese the word Boca De Vaca means “Mouth of a Cow”. In this spring there is a well-lit tunnel made transparent glass and you can see the spring water flowing under your feet with the background music.The water that flow out from the spring is clear and sweet.
Boca de vaca is one of the major sightseeing of Goa. In the evening soft decorative light gives it a name ‘Boca de Vaca’ meaning ‘cow’s face’. It was the major source of supply of water to the city in Earlier times.

How to Reach:
One can reach here easily by hiring a taxi or a motorcycle from Panaji KTC bus stand or from other places in Goa. Its near from Panaji Market just few mtrs away from Mustifund High School,Panaji or Mahalaxmi Temple,Panaji.

3 km from Panaji KTC Bus Stand – 10mins

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