Fernandes House or Voddlem Ghor or Casa Grande, Chandor

Voddlem Ghor, which is now known as The Sara Fernandes House is more commonly known after its current occupant, in the vicinity of Isvorachem, stands tall to its glorious past and its recent status of a Heritage House. Unlike those who were killed or fled during the colonial religious persecution, Hindu landowners of the time like the Fernandes adopted Christianity. Built in the pre-Portuguese era, the edifice is imposing not just on the outside but also in its interiors. It houses a secret 500 years old passage that was used by the family to hide whenever there was a local rebellion against the Portuguese and its policy of proselytizing. Typical of traditional Indian design with a central courtyard, the house has witnessed transformations and the exteriors now appear similar to other Portuguese mansions of the area. It has a secret basement hideaway, riddled with gun shot holes, and an escape tunnel.

The Fernandes family helps preserve the local cultural heritage. You may ask the inmates about Mussllam Khell, a local dance procession on Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings and even more pronounced during the Intruz festival of Goa. Now known as Chardo Christians or Roman Catholic Kshatriya, this erstwhile Hindu warrior community comes out in colorful traditional wear to perform this dance with bamboo sticks. Once performed at the Mahadeva (Shiva) Temple, dancers now invoke Lord Jesus and Our Lady, reflective of current beliefs. When the procession reaches Voddlem Ghor, the Fernandes family welcomes them with traditional lamps. This Indo-Portuguese mansion is also open to the public.

Fort Area Salcette, Cotta Diasvaddo, Chandor.
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10 AM to 5 PM

donation of INR 100.

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