Twin Waterfall or Borim Waterfall, Ponda


Borim is blessed with two Waterfalls at village Shirshirem. Its not much famous, like other waterfalls in Goa. Its a seasonal waterfall located just below the sidhanath Parvat at Shirshirem, Borim.

Twin Waterfall is what some people call them. Its just 4km from Ponda city.  Alot people visits this place to enjoy with friends during rainy. Also small Picnics are made by some family since its nearby for some people. Its flow is very fast during heavy Rain. One should be also aware of falling tiny rocks due to heavy flow. which can make you injury. We dont recommend you this place to enjoy as it can be risky, but one can just visit to see this Twin Waterfall.


Courtesy: Akila Prabhudessai


Courtesy: Akila Prabhudessai


Courtesy: Vidhi Kerkar

NOTE: Please maintain cleanliness, Don’t make the place dirty by throwing plastics, bottles etc, Keep this area Clean.


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