Rassaim Waterfall, Rassaim Loutolim


Rassaim Waterfall is located in a village called Rassaim in Loutolim. Loutolim is a small town in Salcette taluka of South Goa. Loutolim is blessed with two seasonal waterfall which is opposite to each other. Many people from neighboring villages comes here to enjoy or for picnic at this waterfall. This spot can be easily reached by bike, car and bus. Here are some pictures of this waterfall.

Waterfall 1:

loutolim-waterfall-goa loutolim-waterfall-goa-2 loutolim-waterfall-goa-3 loutolim-waterfall-goa-1


Waterfall 2:

loutolim-waterfall-goa-second-two2 loutolim-waterfall-goa-second-two-1


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