Meet Prashant who makes delicious Pav Bhaji


Meet Prashant, an ex-Chef from Dubai Sailing Club. Due to family problems, Prashant had to leave his job in Dubai and return to Goa. Based in Carmona, Prashant decided to turn his skills into a business. He started his roadside stall about 3 years ago. His menu is very simple.



Just one type of bhaji with Pao, Batata vada and Chai. His family helps him to prepare the bhaji, so what you are getting is authentic Goan bhaji, prepared in the home. For the batata vada, he keeps all the ingredients ready and prepares them on a need basis, which means they are always hot and fresh.
To keep customers happy, Prashant changes his bhaji every day. One day it is Sungta bhaji, today was mixed vegetables, and so on. For dinner, he serves Ros Omelette and Chicken.
You can see his chef training by how he keeps everything neat and organized, and most importantly, clean and hygienic.
If you are passing by Carmona, and feel like having a bhaji, this should be in your list!.

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Pic Credits: Cajetan Barretto


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