10 Cancer Causing Products To Never Put On Your Body Again


The biggest organ of our body is our skin. Everything we put on it gets absorbed into our blood system. Many people consume only certified organic food and that has numerous benefits for their complete body, including their skin.

Over 10,000 ingredients are allowed for use in personal care products. An average woman uses at least 515 of them on a daily basis, but the bad news is that even 90% of the products are not even tested for safety. Almost all the samples of chemicals that are testes are carcinogenic and can cause genetic mutation or birth defects.

A Press Release from the Cancer Prevention Coalition dated June 17, 2002, states, “Cancer and health risk experts just concluded reviews that indicate mainstream cosmetics, and personal hygiene products pose the HIGHEST cancer risk exposure to the general public, even higher than smoking.”


People use sunscreen in order to protect themselves from the UV rays during the summer period. Even 70% of women apply sunscreen under their makeup. Unfortunately, sunscreens that contain Retinyl Palmitate, may actually increase the growth of cancerous skin tumors and lesions. The most common chemical used in sunscreens is oxybenzone and it is proven to be an endocrine disruptor. You must be very careful when you buy sunscreens. There are some studies which have confirmed that appropriate sun exposure actually helps to prevent skin cancer and is our best source of vitamin D.

Solutions: We recommend you to use a clear zinc sunscreen, such as Babo Botanical in order to protect yourself when you are going outside in the sun all day. Spray sunscreens should never be used.


Some studies claim that applying moisturizers such as Vanicream, Dermovan, Dermabase, and Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream could actually increase skin cancer risk. Mineral oils are connected with even 23 different diseases and health issues! Ingredients like Arsenic, Coar Tars, Mineral oils contianed in body moisturizers are al linked to skin cancer.

Solutions: Our skin eats. You can choose to feed it with some organic, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil!


Deodorants contain numerous harmful chemicals like aluminum, petroleum, Triclosan, Parabens which are prevalent toxins that can make their homes in the fat cells of our breast and underarms, creating havoc in our internal environment. Deodorants can also harm our central nervous system, endocrine system and metabolic system. Its ingredients are all linked to cancer as well.

Solutions: Prepare your own deodorant by mixing organic geranium essential oil with some aluminum free baking soda or buy Nourish Organic cream deodorant with geranium.

Benzoyl Peroxide

People with acne and oily skin apply Benzoyl peroxide but this ingredient can put you in a risk for melanoma. Skin tumor-promoting activity of benzoyl peroxide is a widely used free radical, generating compound.

Solutions: Treat your oily skin with organic carrot seed or organic lemon essential oil. These are natural and far more safer and less toxic.

Skin Lighting Creams

Skin lightening creams contain mercury in excess over the legal limit. They are used on the face for hyper-pigmentation, but are in fact toxic and have never proven for long-lasting results.

Solutions: Make an appointment for a diamond peel at your local spa instead!

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder’s main ingredient is magnesium silicate. Talc can contain silica and often be contaminated with asbestos. Body powders can definitely increase our risk for ovarian cancers.

Solutions: Instead of using this product, prepare a mixture with ¼ cup kuzu root starch and 1/3 cup rice flour with 7 drops of organic lavender essential oil. Another solution is to buy Miessence  Organic Body Powder.


Some mascaras that smell bad because they contain toxic cancer causing chemicals. Conventional mascaras usually include toxic polymers, petroleum distillates, petrolatum, formaldehyde, aluminum, Retinyl Acetate, fragrance, and parabens that can increase the aging process.

Solutions: The best solution for you is to purchase organic fragrance-free mascara such as Nvey Eco Organic Mascara. Always discard your mascara after 6 months of use.


Some hairsprays are environmentally risky because manufacturers use shellac, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, denatured alcohol and propylene glycol in their production. Hairsprays can cause multiple chemical sensitivities. Their noxious fumes hairsprays can lead to lung damage.

Solutions: You can use Intelligent Nutrients hair balm which is not a spray, but it’s certified organic.


Toothpastes contain several colored dyes, popylene glycol, fluorides, and sodium lauryl sulfate. They have all been linked to cancer and neurotoxicity.

Solutions: Always choose non-fluoride toothpaste, or use a dab of Dr Christopher’s Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder.


Revlon has a campaign called “Kisses for the Cure” that urges women to buy lipstick to fight breast cancer, which is totally ironic because the ingredients in their lipstick are Tar, Lead, Formaldehyde, Propyloparaben, etc. They are all very toxic.

Solutions: Most Health Food Stores stock organic lipsticks, such as Ecco Bella.


When choosing fashionable cosmetics and toiletries we all fall into pleasure-traps, but we shouldn’t if we want to keep our health. You should know how to read labels. If you see a commercial which is selling a cream or potion to look 20 years younger, disregard this misinformation that may eventually cause you harm.


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